Making Tracks

Making Tracks

5 July-15 September 2013

We all make tracks

Carving seen and unseen routes through the landscape

Explore the routes that exist all around you

Migratory, instinctive or idle, through air, land or water

Moving forward or backwards

Where have they been, where do they go, and how will they lead us?

Making Tracks

Making Tracks was a collaborative project inspired by the extraordinary patterns within the natural world. Whilst the exhibition brought together over 60 artists working in painting, print, sculpture, sound and poetry together in one space, events such as Wildlife Walking, Moth Night and Tracker Training, amongst many others, took viewers into the wild for unforgettably magical experiences. The project was partnered with the Sussex Wildlife Trust who care for over thirty nature reserves across Sussex, from Amberley to Withdean. Working with them, ONCA sketched these natural patterns within the centre of Brighton and beyond into the Sussex Downs. Funds from the exhibition were donated to the Wildlife Trust’s Brighton Youth Rangers Team, who deliver practical conservation work to improve green spaces around Brighton and Hove.