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Yasmin Choudhury: A Whistleblower’s Tour

7 December

Friday 7 December, 6:30 – 8:30pm

Tickets £5 via Eventbrite

Meet Yasmin Choudhury, British Muslim businesswoman and lone parent. Yasmin gets busy talking ethics and how she whistleblew to change her world and stumbled into politics, hardship and handouts, curries, Islam, luxury, Bangladesh and start-ups.


I am a campaigner, designer, social entrepreneur and a proud British Muslim feminist. Think of all the unknown ‘Third World’ artisans, recipes, culture, destinations we as a world have yet to unearth. Isn’t it time we saw past just the constant poverty and crises? To recognise and celebrate their rich heritage and artisans at grassroots level? That’s my mission.

Lovedesh® is a new British luxury start up brand I created. Bringing new food, design and travel experiences to revolutionise how we connect, see and experience folks in developing, unknown, war-torn and nations deemed ‘poor’. In fact I think their culture, food, design and heritage can be defined as luxury experiences.

I am starting with Bangladesh – it’s my heritage and am inspired by my beloved father, an immigrant from this land, who built his life in UK. I want to change how life sucks for folks fleeing conflict, garment workers and poor artisans.

Amcariza Foundation is my niche charity I and few others volunteer to get world to celebrate and seed fund ‘Third World’ sole traders, directly at grass roots level.

I also comment/speak a lot via my own website (Link to it is  www.yasminchoudhury.co.uk/) on overcoming the odds, mental health (Complex PTSD), surviving domestic abuse and the hardship of being a lone parent – while running a start up that’s redefining the word ‘luxury’. I also talk of how Islam is so misunderstood.

You can find Miss YasminIsYasmin on social media here:
Twitter: @yasminisyasmin