Rendered In Light

27 February - 3 March

An exhibition bringing together photographic works by Kira Krász, Milla Lewis, Amber Dance-Baverstock, Eva Louisa Jonas and An Nguyen.


Kíra Krász is a Hungarian photography student, currently working on her degree at University of Brighton. She is interested in the silence of the everyday and the aesthetics of caring for others.
After identifying those thoughts/subjects that make her feel, she traces their functioning, and takes  photographs to develop a deeper understanding. Looking for the harmony between emotion and practice, Kira worked with a group of dancers from Southwark College, where soft choreographies were merged with the concrete sense of the Barbican.

(Featured image Kíra Krász)


Milla Lewis is currently studying Photography BA (Hons) at the University of Brighton. She has co-curated and exhibited works in Brighton and London, including Uniqlo’s Tate Late’s event at the Tate Modern. Her work explores the spaces between the body and the land, the political and psychological elements of this relationship and how structural meanings shape our understanding of them.


Amber Dance-Baverstock is a Photographer finishing a BA (Hons) in Photography at The University of Brighton. Her work challenges photography’s realist connotations using alternative processes, attempting to harness light as a fluid material.  Currently her focus is attached to circular imagery, referencing traditional mechanisms of photography and the significance of the circle in art and culture.


Eva Louisa Jonas is a Photographer studying a BA (Hons) in Photography at The University of Brighton. Within her work she explores the use of surface in people and place, often extending this to her exploration of material and print. In 2018, she received a grant for exchange studies at Nagoya University of the Arts, Japan. During her time in Nagoya she collaborated with Performance Artist Rin Takahashi on the exhibition Mind Your Head, in which a photographic study and performance was made in exploring the visual, gesture and object as methods of communication.


An Nguyen is a History of Art and Design graduate from the University of Brighton and is currently pursuing an MA in History of Design and Material Culture. An’s research to this point has shown interest in conceptual practices, photographic representation and material identities. An has curated this exhibition and also contributed materials from his personal practice.