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Dreaming Futures: writing workshop with Sol Howard

11 February

Monday 11 February, 6:30 – 8:30pm

This workshop will take place upstairs in ONCA’s Maathai meeting room

Pay what you feel

In order to create radical change, we need to know what we’re fighting against, but also what we’re fighting for. This writing workshop is an invitation to let loose with the future(s), to let go of what’s realistic, to go searching for utopias.

Inspired by Jacob V Joyce’s work, this workshop emerged out of a prompt they gave, asking participants to look into what boring, depressing futures are laid out for us, and to ask how we could turn those ideas on their head.

This time will be an opportunity to imagine the worlds we’d love to live in, and to play with ridiculous ideas. We will chat and dream as a group, bouncing ideas back and forth, and we will do short, timed writing exercises.

Giving ourselves the space to dream helps us shake up our ideas of what’s possible. It helps us reach for more. Justice. AND pleasure. And hovering skateboards, please. Come along!

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About the teacher, Sol Howard

Sol is a poet and writer. They found deep hope in the revolution started in Hunger Games as a teenager. They have been studying speculative and science fiction since, looking for joy in the difficult work of seeking social justice. They are writing about a trans squatter on a mission in future Brighton.