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Artist Opportunities at ONCA

At ONCA we aim to exhibit new artwork that engages people with social and environmental justice issues. We are proud to offer a variety of opportunities for artists to showcase their work in our gallery through our awards, prizes and open exhibitions.

Please note that some opportunities are only open to ONCA members. If you would like to sign up to become an ONCA member, please click the link below.

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Live Open Calls

Lost Species Day 2020 Online Gathering

How can remembrance practices for extinct species address systemic injustice? Understanding the links between species extinctions and racism.

The intention of the Lost Species Day 2020 online weekend gathering and open call is for participants to spend time learning together, building connections and moving forward in clear and energised ways that embed anti-racism in all Lost Species Day activities from here on. We envisage that the programme for Sunday 29 and Monday 30 November will consist of a series of rituals, films, readings, talks and workshops led by participants around the world, including short discussions and sharings of art works and creative projects.

If you would like to share your work as part of this online RDLS2020 gathering, please email  with a short proposal that explains how your work or practice relates to the theme of the gathering. More info about Lost Species Day here.

Deadline: Sunday 15th November

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Image Credit: SWAY, Solange Leon