With the support of Sussex Cancer Fund, ONCA Outreach Artist Ellie runs free monthly art sessions at Brighton’s Macmillan Horizon Centre for people affected by and living with cancer. Sessions consist largely of making art for art’s sake, to get away from the monotony of treatment. The fun, creative workshops include activities such as screen printing, drawing as a form of communication and photography without cameras.










‘From a facilitator’s point of view the sessions are undoubtedly the highlight of my month! As someone whose family and friends have been affected by cancer and long term illness, I am regularly moved by the kindness, creativity and all round positive energy of the participants. It is a privilege to have two amazing ONCA volunteers, Tom and Zoe, on board – this allows participants to become familiar  with those leading the sessions and feel comfortable within the space. It’s great to share skills and offer something new for participants to take away with them. I would also like to thank Geoff and Michaela at the Horizon Centre for being so supportive of the project and putting their trust in ONCA to deliver fun art sessions with empathy and compassion.’

-Ellie Liddell-Crewe


If you would like to find out more about ONCA’s Art and Health workshops please email