Daniel J.G.

Studio Artist

Daniel J.G. is a Brighton-based Deaf artist, originally from Cornwall, making work inspired by the beauty of nature and the positive impact being in nature can have on mental health.

In the past, Daniel has studied pottery, photography and painting but over the last few years he has focused solely on developing the painting side of his practice. Growing up along the coast and living in Brighton for 25 years, Daniel has spent countless hours outside studying the colours, shapes, textures, lighting and forms of the landscape. When painting, Daniel draws on all these visual references and the emotions they evoke to produce abstract compositions rich in meaning.

Daniel says: “Being outside in the natural world is a huge part of maintaining good mental health for me. Having grown up in a hearing world, prohibited from learning sign language until I was 16, I found solace in the outdoors and developed a deep connection with nature which has been a welcome escape from the isolation I have experienced. By sharing my work with others, I hope to inspire a greater appreciation of the natural world and remind us of our shared humanity and interconnectedness.”

Daniel is currently a recipient of DYCP funding from Arts Council England (2022-23) and is now artist in residence at ONCA.

Instagram: @daniel.j.g._painting