Maddy Ryle

Maddy Ryle is a writer, editor and activist.

She has been the communications lead for The Democracy Center since 2011, dividing time between Brighton and Bolivia. The Democracy Center is involved in research, reporting, campaigning and solidarity work around ecological and social justice issues in Latin America, in particular in relation to extractive projects. We support people power against corporate power.

Maddy is also a community activist with the Thousand4£1000 migrant support initiative, and a campaigner on environmental issues locally. She is a Trustee of youth arts participation Upstart Projects, involved in Campfire Convention and a sharer and volunteer with Fork & Dig It.

Her experience covers strategic communications, writing, editorial and media, youth work and informal education, training and facilitation, fundraising and activist organising. Her passions are many, but ecology, literature, wild swimming and creative ways of collaborating feature heavily.