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Letizia Lopreiato is a multilingual visual poet and social documentary film photographer from Dublin. Letizia works with the media of 35mm expanded photography, poetry, spoken word, and since 2021, the moving image captured through the Super 8 film medium. 

During her residency on ONCA Barge, Letizia is preparing for her upcoming solo show and generating new documentary work. Join her Instagram Live talk for Exposure Photography Festival on Monday 28 February.

The artist’s practice is engaged in reclaiming a different way to tell a story: from empathy to connection, from impairment to empowerment, from grief to love, and from confinement to acceptance. Letizia embraced film photography in 2018 after her visual impairment was diagnosed, introducing a multidisciplinary approach to her poetry. She aims to narrate social engagement both at an individual and at a community level. Letizia’s photography practice and visual poetry are inspired by her research background in History of International Relations, Philology and Semiotics, Psychology and Sociology. Combined with over a decade’s experience working in the technology industry across four countries (Denmark, Spain, Ireland and Italy), Letizia’s socially engaged art practice explores barrier-free ways of integrating technologies into projects, from an idea’s conception to execution.

Letizia’s professional and academic backgrounds, including her current research in Psychology and Neuroscience, inform her artistic practice which has developed into an intimate text and image journey of exploration for audiences. She writes and performs her poetry in English, Italian and Spanish, and her work is published internationally, in the UK, Ireland and Italy. The inclusion of multilingual spoken word in all of Letizia’s artworks, in the form of audio-visual installations, accompanies a creative documentary and art photography style. Altogether, this multilayered and multidisciplinary approach allows Letizia to refocus the text and image relationship, creating a pan-sensorial experience of her visual poetry practice, that includes her audience at all levels of able-bodiedness and neurodivergency. 

In Letizia’s words: “Documenting reality through storytelling, to explore social issues and uncover social injustice has always been the focus of my poetry. Now this opportunity has been made even more powerful, thanks to the vehicle for empathy that is the camera lens.” 

From 2018 to 2021, Letizia worked on a social documentary and arts-based awareness campaign on eco-sustainability called Sonia’s Trees as part of PhotoIreland Festival 2021 Open Program. Letizia’s photo-story narrated the vision of Ireland’s reforestation through native seeds and trees, the Irish city-countryside duality, and the topics of place and identity from an environmental psychology perspective. 

Letizia’s vocational interest in accessibility and equality within the visual arts, with a specific focus on radical inclusion and pluri-diversity in photography, has evolved through her autobiographical and documentary work.

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Posted on February 10, 2022
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