Panel #2: Evan Ifekoya & Derrais Carter

In November 2020, ONCA Community Artist and Curator Nadia Buyse hosted Together Apart, a series of online panel discussions exploring different approaches to anti-racist leadership and praxis in the arts and cultural production.

For the second of the Together Apart sessions, Nadia invited artist/ educators Evan Ifekoya and Derrais Carter to talk about projects they have been working on. The group discussed how they have used archiving and sound systems for world making.

Here is the recording from the discussion, which can be viewed with subtitles by clicking the CC button on the menu bar of the YouTube video.

Panel #2: Evan Ifekoya & Derrais Carter




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Posted on January 25, 2021
Categories: Artist Residencies, Decolonising Art & Culture, Interviews
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