Lost Species Day 2018 Artists in Residence

Video & Transcript

Transcript, 12 November 2018



Matice: Hi my name is Matice Moore and I’m an artist in residence with ONCA. I am a painter and printmaker inspired by the opportunities to look at the ways in which we use art to embody ways of knowing and being that can potentially help us survive the apocalyptic times we currently live in.


Laurèl: I’ve never been on a boat this long.


Matice: Right, me neither. Working on a boat? Does anybody get seasick?


Tsai: Hi I’m Tsai Tung Li and I’m hoping to bring some illustrations about, telling stories about relationships between humans and the environment and I hope this could raise some awareness between people and what happens around us.


Laurèl: I get like car sick, but boat sick has not happened yet. [laughs]


Matice: Has there been an issue with people coming out here on the boat and being sick on the boat?


Laurèl: My name is Laurèl Hadleigh. I’m an artist an activist and I also work in creative education. From this residency, I hope to gain the time to work alongside other artists and I hope this can be a space where conversations are generated and connections are made through the gallery space.


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Posted on November 12, 2018
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