Changing Everything Carefully: Ecopoetics course

25 Sep - 18 Nov 2018

We are pleased to announce ‘Changing Everything Carefully’*- a new autumn Eco Poetics course by Clare Whistler and Kay Syrad, which will begin at ONCA on Tuesday 25 September and continue for 8 weeks, 6.30 – 8.30pm, with two experiential breakout days at Vert Institute in Laughton (on Sunday 21 October and Sunday 18 November).

Kay and Clare will be working with Donna Haraway’s idea of ‘tentacular’ or connective thinking; attempting to de-centre the human in favour of a greater awareness of the elements and other species in our thinking and writing; and often working collaboratively during the sessions. In these ways, this course is not quite a ‘creative writing’ course (although there will be plenty of writing exercises), and won’t be a place for a lot of individual feedback. It will focus, rather, on creating dynamic new work in a shared context, drawing on an international range of historical and contemporary eco-poetry and prose, and leading – we hope – to a small publication featuring this shared work.

The breakout days will be an opportunity to work outdoors (Vert Institute is near Vert Woods in Laughton), and to bring a visual element into the writing to create some art-text works.

The cost will be £80 in total for the 8 weekly sessions (please book through Eventbrite, here), plus £25 (payable later) for each of the breakout days.


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Posted on September 20, 2018
Categories: Courses

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