O N C A Green Curtain Award 2018 Winner: Subira

Brighton Fringe

The ONCA 2018 Green Curtain Award was won by the show ‘Subira’ by Subira Wahogo.


  • Efemera
  • Subira (Winner)

About the Winner

Supported by an Irene Mensah Brighton Fringe bursary, Subira is a poetry performance that explores being queer, black and angry. Subira Wahogo the person is a defiantly queer, unapologetically Black spoken word poet and activist. Their work weaves together the personal and political, through experiences and imaginations, spoken with rage, softness and laughter.


The ONCA Green Curtain Award goes to the Brighton Fringe project that best manifests ONCA’s mission of supporting artists and audiences to engage with environmental and social challenges.

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Posted on June 1, 2018
Categories: Artist Development
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