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Navigating Change


In 2015 O N C A was awarded £75,000 from the Arts Council England for a two-year participatory arts programme, entitled Navigating Change. Navigating Change was an innovative, interdisciplinary programme about how society and culture are being called to respond to environmental change.

Our creative programme has been structured to cultivate understanding and resilience within our target audiences, and research how these tools can be best delivered in the future. Between July 2015 and July 2017 we will deliver eleven projects, underneath the title ‘Navigating Change’, dealing with a variety of interrelated themes including soil, food, and plastics. The programme has been curated to include prominent and emerging artists, who are either already working with ecology/sustainability, or who are passionate about exploration/communication.

“Navigating Change explores how we – as a society, and as a community of artists and arts organisations – can cultivate biodiversity, social inclusion, and personal and institutional resilience, as we navigate through this time of unprecedented ecological change,”

– Laura Coleman, O N C A Director


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Posted on December 10, 2015
Categories: ONCA Programme

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