EARTH In The Field

By Roisin O’Sullivan, ONCA Volunteer.

As a disoriented History of Art Graduate, looking for a path and a purpose, my stumbling upon the bright and friendly world of ONCA has been significant in helping me appreciate the impact Art can have on our social and cultural climate. I have been fortunate to join ONCA with the opening of Chris Drury’s EARTH exhibition, a subtle and powerful display that succinctly captures the overarching themes of his work with soil and bacteria whilst opening up our present space by bringing the diversity of his experiences and the places he has visited to us in a very tangible way; seen especially for example, with his collection of bottled soils from across the world. Volunteering has shown me the widespread significance of such an exhibition as people from a range of different disciplines, backgrounds and interests have come and delighted in his work. The exhibition is given further depth with Daro Montag’s eerie and poignant display of charred wooden animals below stairs that he burnt after buying in charity shops – a creative and innovative way of dealing with an important environmental issue. EARTH exhibition transforms and inspires!


EARTH runs from 11th March – 3rd April 2016
Exhibition Opening Times: Wednesday – Friday 12-7pm
Saturday & Sunday 11-6pm

Good Friday 12-6pm

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