Space Boots & Synthetic Rain


How can we possibly imagine what the future will look, feel, sound and be like? As adults in the present, we can easily fall into a future-paralysis, focusing on apocalyptic scenarios, dystopian landscapes and extinction. How can we reconcile immediate action with these future possibilities? FutureGazers, our collaborative exhibition for Brighton Festival 2016, asked ‘What will Brighton be like in fifty years?’ to Year 4 pupils from local primary school, Patcham Juniors.


Alongside the exhibition we ran four workshops aimed at different, or all, ages. Inspired by the Mass Observation Archive, located at the Keep, we hosted a ‘Write a Future Diary’ session, led by New Writing South’s Marian Kilpatrick. No frills, just a normal day in your future life…



FutureGazers was an exhibition as part of a wider ongoing project, FutureCoast Brighton. To find out more about FutureCoast please click here >>